The New Wave of Country

It is commonly believed that students today have two general types of music they listen to: all music genres, and all music genres except country. However, country music as of late has begun to branch out into new directions in large part to the success of Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road. As a result, country crossovers and influence has exploded.

This can be seen in the revitalization of old-school country, thanks in large part to artists like Orville Peck, Faye Webster, and the late David Berman of Purple Mountains. These artists take the emotional weight of old country music and frame with more modern themes and sounds to advance the genre forward.

Heath Hooper is a photographer and a large fan of country music, as well as the country aesthetic at large. I sat down with him recently to get his take on this growing country trend.

SLOcal Art: A Look at Jason Towne’s Glow Show at Art After Dark

While so far this blog has focused heavily on sports, I want to expand into talking about music and art culture moving forward, and there is no better way to start than by focusing on San Luis Obispo’s local scenes.

One of these artists is Jason Towne, who for the next two months is showcasing his Glow Show gallery at the 4 Cats Cafe. According to his website, Towne describes the art as “paintings on paper designed to be enjoyed with or without black lighting.”

The gallery bisects the cafe into two distinct experiences: the front which serves to display Towne’s original paintings, and the back which houses the Glow Show.

“As an experience, the Glow Show is mesmerizing,” said Cal Poly student Jackson Stanwick, who attended the event this past Friday. “They gave me a black-light flashlight and I got to shine it on all the paintings and such.”

Towne is also hosting art galleries through Nautical Bean Art Shows for the rest of March. Glow Show will be featured at the 4 Cats Cafe through the month of April.