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Here are some GOOD articles I’ve written

Broadcast Pkgs

I tried to do an all gas no brakes type thing for the UCSB Cal Poly game haven’t finished editing it yet tho.

Satirical Articles – (For unfinished project)

slo city council holds meeting, votes on how to get rid of all those ugly poor people.

SLOcal makes “both sides” argument, gets punched in the face.

grace theory: why are there more students named grace than black students at Cal Poly?

Here is some more traditional stuff I did for intro to multimedia jour.

Data Journalism Pieces

Public Speaking: 10 Cent Beer Night Speech for COMS 101

Another Dumb Sports Blog: My High School Sports Blog

This stuff is pretty old (relatively speaking) but I’m still pretty proud of my Johnny Knox Article (the trailer is probably better than the article tho)

I also did a full 20 minute breakdown of the historical/cultural overlap of Baseball and America for an AP US History project. (Had some decent stop motion and recorded skit bits but like I was a junior so don’t get your hopes up.)

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