I think this website is a little bit of a mess so here is a quick rundown of the writing and projects i’m most proud of. (Feel free to explore the rest of this place too!)

But yeah here is a pretty general rundown of what i’ve worked on (barring some broadcast journalism and theatre clips I can’t find)

Here are some music related articles I’ve written

Here is some more traditional stuff I did for intro to multimedia jour.

Public Speaking: 10 Cent Beer Night Speech for COMS 101

Another Dumb Sports Blog: My High School Sports Blog

This stuff is pretty old (relatively speaking) but I’m still pretty proud of my Johnny Knox Article (the trailer is probably better than the article tho)

I also did a full 20 minute breakdown of the historical/cultural overlap of Baseball and America for an AP US History project. (Had some decent stop motion and recorded skit bits but like I was a junior so don’t get your hopes up.)

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